Monday, March 14, 2011


"hard as things are today, they will be better the next day if we choose to serve the Lord"
-henry b. eyring

"a constant waiting for a brighter future may cause us to lose a beautiful today."
-marvin j. ashton

today is a day we're never going to get back.
there is an opportunity somewhere for each and every one of us to make a difference.
and to make someone laugh,
and to give someone a compliment.
or see a rainbow,
and smell a flower,
or eat a cupcake.
most importantly,
today we choose who we're going to be,
and what we're going to say to the world about ourselves
and about what we believe
and about what we think needs to change for the better.
capture today,
have your heart out in prayer the whole time.
you may feel the sunshine on your skin
or maybe the icicles up your nose.
whatever it is,
just enjoy it.
you might see an old friend,
you might make a new one,
or maybe you won't see any friends at all,
just love it.
anything can happen today,
isn't that amazing?
there are no limits!
today you could fall in love.
today your heart could be healed.
today you can run a mile.
today you can help someone be better.
today you can become better yourself!
its a gift that God gives us every time we open our eyes in the morning.
a new day with a new story,
maybe even a new you.
what a lovely thing :)

and can we just forget tomorrow?
it isn't even here yet.

love, laur

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