Wednesday, September 16, 2015

i guess it's time,

well hey, i'm still alive and i am in utah and i
actually live in a little apartment under a restaurant and i'm also here to tell
you that the boy that i used to write about is actually
my husband now and that happened to me about 3 months ago.
it was the best day and the best boy and the best life and
all of the sudden lately i have been thinking "i need to blog"
and then i think "no one does that anymore and you can't just pop up and say something whenever
you want when you have been gone for years"
and i guess i felt like blogging was for perfect lives and dreams and i didn't know
how to do it anymore with my faults and my fears and my
unfashionable clothes.
but i'm doing it anyway, because i love you and i love to write.
so stay tuned for life by me and a boy named reese.

love, laur