Thursday, August 28, 2014


Oh, how I missed you.

I ran away for awhile,
I went to the south. you know. Mississippi.
I fell in love with strangers,
and I found cotton fields and trees and the ocean a time or two.
and I found me, i thought.
and now its over.
it flew right by.
and now i'm sitting here thinking,
"wait, what happened?" and "what do i do now?"
they say it's normal,
but it's a bit overwhelming to me.
i feel lost in a fashion show in
crowded hallways and expensive pages.
and i'm losing.
i'm getting lost in the mountains,
in the iphones,
in the skinny jeans.
i get up each day, I smile and i pray.
and i'll make it through,
i always do.

love, laur