Wednesday, July 27, 2011

isn't it beautiful outside?

blue sky
baby ducks
mama ducks
funny picture messages
picnic benches
and a cute boy.

sounds like a good day to me.

"if we were children i would bake you a mud pie
warm and brown beneath the sun"
love, laura

for no particular reason

i drew you a picture :)

today i'm running away
i've almost never been more excited for anything.
i don't know why,
i have nothing to run away from
but i can't wait.
there's something so interesting
about leaving your house and going somewhere new
or somewhere familiar
just somewhere else.
it makes you feel alive
and forgetful
of all the confusion you've been in.
new interests,
new favorite places to be,
more places you'd like to go one day with your significant other.
most of all it sets you free
free to live and forget everything else
free to enjoy your family,
because you may of may not blow them off way too much...
free to forget the cell phone.
and to just lay on a hammock and breathe.
and laugh of course
you always have to laugh.
it makes you realize who's most important
because those are the people
that you miss most.

"and it hurts to want everything and nothing
at the same time."
love, laura

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

a lovely little tale.

one day she went to work
nothing new
just like any other day.
sat in her cubicle
just another day at work.
he turned the corner and played
with a little trinket she had on her desk.
he introduced himself
she introduced herself.
they started going through this same
routine just about every day.
he'd come mess with something on her desk

she would laugh
they would talk.

and guess what?
these two peeps are now getting married.

congrats, sis.

love, laura

Saturday, July 23, 2011

no need.

"let us
ride our own orbits and trust
that they will meet.
may our reunion be not a finding,
but a
sweet collision of
--jerry spinelli

we don't need to make
anything happen.
for if its supposed to.
it most definitely will.

love, laura

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

this night.

we were sweaty and gross
hopping off the tandem.
i pushed the door open and heard the beep.
we said hi
i put my foot on the counter.
he handed us water cups.
we sat in the corner.
i watched him clean the tables
i smiled.
i really can't help it.
he looked at me and i felt it.
that headache build up in my forehead
and my throat coiling up.
i looked at her
across the table
and i didn't know what to do.

i know that its coming.
he's staying home.
she's going to school.
i don't start school till the bitter month of january.

we escaped.
we rode up a hill
huffing and puffing along.
that boy drove by in his car
rolled down the window and yelled.
i ache.
not only in my poor frail legs (embarrassing)
but inside
i know he's the one i miss most.

is it so bad
that i just want to cry?
and i can't.

i'm no good at goodbye.
love, laura

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

the in-between.

so here i am
no longer in high school
not yet in college
and having the best summer of my short little life.
i refer to this time as "the in-between"
i love it.
so much to look behind and smile about
so much to look forward to.

life is so good.
if he's holding you back,
let him go.
if your happy doing something
make more time for that thing.
read a book.
watch a cheesy chick flick.
get so low on gas that you have to fill up your car
with the lawnmower's fluids.
go on walks with your brother and your best friend.
and most of all
listen to all of your mother's loooong advice sessions.

one day you'll really need it.

go live your summer. before its all over :)

love, laur

Sunday, July 17, 2011

mark my words.

one day i'm gonna go to thailand.
and i'm gonna see those floating lanterns gleam.

my heart is so happy right now :)

love, laur-laur

thank you hannah kroes.
for letting me know that these puppies actually exist.

my tummy and my bum hurt.

you read that right, peeps.

love, laur

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

the peephole to my week.

sometimes i get confused.

my eyes are even crossed when i say "confused" these days.
is that weird?

first off. if you see white flakes in my head,
i'm peeling.
not dandruff.
lets hope anyways.

second off. i am, quite literally, dying to see hp7p2. (i'm so proud you all know what that means)

third. sometimes i hate provo.

fourth. i'm dreading, DREADING august.

fifth. my little sister has cuter pants than me.

sixth. one big spoon on a tramp = warmth.
seventh. is it rude to call someone sassafras?

eighth. if someone calls me laura ingalls one more time.
or worse. lora ingalls.

ninth. tuesdays with morrie? mm. good stuff.

tenth. i still have the basketball book. don't plan on giving it back anytime soon.

is that stealing?

eleventh. i don't remember what it feels like to kiss someone.
and every time i hear that people have kissed
i'm in a stupor of thought for awhile
thinking how weird it is that people still do that.


love, laura.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

is it awful?

that for the majority of my life
i've had a secret desire
-maybe not SO secret desire-
to look like her?


or just be her.

love, laura

Sunday, July 10, 2011


he's cute.
real cute.
and he's the one you'd like to run around with.
who you'd like to pick flowers with.
and catch some butterflies
maybe catch some in your stomachs too.
he's the one you can lay on the ground with
and talk about space
and about God
and about life.
he's the one who'll always be there
who knows that you can be dramatic
and emotional
and who loves you still.
he's the one who's sure of things
before he acts
or sure of how he feels
before he says anything.
who doesn't drag you around so he can have security.
he's the one who sets you free
who lets you be you and lets him be him.
the one who doesn't need to be alone with you
to show that he cares about you.
who brings out the sunshine that was already inside you.

love, laur

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

6 or 7 weeks.

isn't it great to have a day
to look at that beautiful
lit up sky
and think about how blessed we are
to be here?

God bless america
land that i love.

in case you're wondering
the fourth is my favorite holiday.

and i can honestly say,
that life has almost never been better.
we have 7 weeks.
7 weeks and my brother goes to school
and my sister gets married
and shelb will leave
(but we don't talk about that)
and we all have to try and grow up.
and nothing will ever be the same.
but for 7 short weeks
we've all got each other.
and its the most beautiful time in my life.

go family.

love, laura

this weekend.

i sat on a bridge
and we talked.
and on the drive home
we listened to that cd that is stuck
and he rapped.
and i laughed.

love, laura