Sunday, October 31, 2010

back to the basics

a few days ago i watched a documentary called "God grew tired of us". it's about some "lost boys" who have to move to America from Kenya. if you haven't seen it, i highly recommend it. it's really something to see how different our culture is and how hard it would be to move from one culture to the other. the most interesting part of the whole thing was when these boys were trying to catch on to the american way of celebrating Christmas. one of the boys was being interviewed about it and he said, "all i want to know is who this santa clause is and what he has to do with Christ? maybe i'm wrong, but in Kenya Christmas is about Jesus Christ". it really hit me. we add so much unnecessary stuff to things that are just perfect on their own. I recently read a talk, i think it was by Uchtdorf, and he talked about finding out what's really important and then throwing out everything else. we live in a world that is confused. we think we need to do everything to be anything in this world. i think we're missing it. we're missing what it's all about. how many times have you thought of doing something for someone or saying something to someone and have just let it pass you by? i know that i've done it more times than i can count. there are things for us to discover, there are people who need to be loved, people who need to be listened to, prayers that need to be said, jokes that need to be shared, tears that need to be shed. life is beautiful, and life is short. let's change the world one person at a time. let's see everyone as Christ would see them. let's try and be more like Him. if we can? the world will be better. and guess what? we surely can. :)

We need to get back to the basics of respect one for another and concern one for another, love and appreciation for another, working together, worshiping together, and living together as families who love the Lord and look to Him for light and strength and comfort. -Gordon B. Hinckley

love, laura

Saturday, October 30, 2010

my first post.

Oh dear. :)
Well, my name is laura. i'm 18 years and one month old. my favorite color is yellow.
i like to run, i don't get to do it as much as i want to, but i do like it a lot. i like laughing, it's probably my favorite thing. The other day in class someone asked me what my favorite thing to do was and i said "laugh" and she said "really?" and then i laughed :) i play the guitar, not really though, basically all i can play is Taylor Swift songs. i love her. and i love the guitar, and singing to the guitar. not really good at singing either, but i do enjoy it a lot. i like peace signs. weird? yes definitely. i love my mother earth. also i love my mama. she's my hero :) i love all of my family. i love all of my friends. i have amazing friends. AMAZING friends. they help me realize what life is all about. i procrastinate, and i kinda just go with the flow. it's the best thing and the worst thing at the same time. but hey, that's me :) i don't know what else to say about my life today. but i'm sure i'll have more at a later date.
oh, new like!! i like blogging.
love, laur

also, i heard this song today. i heard these lines and it made me smile. big. right in my car all by myself. :D so, i get to share with you!

i love you a lot
i think we've got a shot
so...are you gonna kiss me or not?

haha love.