Saturday, October 30, 2010

my first post.

Oh dear. :)
Well, my name is laura. i'm 18 years and one month old. my favorite color is yellow.
i like to run, i don't get to do it as much as i want to, but i do like it a lot. i like laughing, it's probably my favorite thing. The other day in class someone asked me what my favorite thing to do was and i said "laugh" and she said "really?" and then i laughed :) i play the guitar, not really though, basically all i can play is Taylor Swift songs. i love her. and i love the guitar, and singing to the guitar. not really good at singing either, but i do enjoy it a lot. i like peace signs. weird? yes definitely. i love my mother earth. also i love my mama. she's my hero :) i love all of my family. i love all of my friends. i have amazing friends. AMAZING friends. they help me realize what life is all about. i procrastinate, and i kinda just go with the flow. it's the best thing and the worst thing at the same time. but hey, that's me :) i don't know what else to say about my life today. but i'm sure i'll have more at a later date.
oh, new like!! i like blogging.
love, laur

also, i heard this song today. i heard these lines and it made me smile. big. right in my car all by myself. :D so, i get to share with you!

i love you a lot
i think we've got a shot
so...are you gonna kiss me or not?

haha love.

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  1. LARS!!! i like the blog! congrats on everything, you're awesome, oh and awesome preference pics! you guys looked great :)