Sunday, May 29, 2011


"i knew with Gordon i would never come first,
because he had already dedicated his life to
the Lord.
i decided that was just fine with me."
-Marjorie pay hinckley.

and that, my peeps,
is a winner.

love, laura

Saturday, May 28, 2011

i'm in joy.

you see,
i know these two adorable young ones.
and they have fallen for one another.
and also
my older sister has fallen in love
with a boy.
and i can feel the summertime in the air.
and you know?
i'm happy.
am i in a cute-lovey-"oh he might kiss me" stage of life?
oh no, farthest thing from it.
but i'm content tonight
(granted yesterday i wasn't and tomorrow i might
not be either)
i love love.
and i love people in love.
and one day i'd like to believe there'll be a boy who
loves me a whole lot.
and i'll say "hey.
i love you back"
and then i'll tell you all about it.
until then,

keep telling me your love stories.

and i'm sorry all i ever write about is love.

love, laura

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

remember me, please?

can't you feel it in the air?
we're almost done.
people are crying.
people are smiling.
and people are letting go.
i can feel the shift.

you wanna know a secret?
i have a fear of being forgotten.
of having years of memories and long talks
and laughing, dancing and standing on feet
and then being just another girl.
because that's where life takes you
and it happens
and you're fine.
but nothing scares me more.
because that's why bad things happen
and people leave
and call it quits
because they forget.
they forget the amazing person sitting in front of them
and they run away.

please remember me?

love, laura

Thursday, May 19, 2011

i ran away.

tonight i ran away.
i went to a park with swings.
and i swung on a swing.
in the pouring rain.
and i sat there swinging
i started crying.
i asked why dads leave their families.
why the love of his wife and kids isn't good enough.
and why people are hungry and dying.
why people are selfish.
and why everything that should be easy is so complicated.
i asked why the sky was so sad today.
and why i couldn't forget those memories.
and i swung higher and higher and cried and cried.
after awhile
it got dark and
i started to shiver
and also,
i was mildly scared of getting stolen...
so i went into my car and drove to a beautiful place.
very luckily, i had my special book with me.
and i re-read one of my favorites,

"Believe in God; believe that He is, and that he created all things, both in heaven and in earth; believe that he has all wisdom, and all power both in heaven and in earth; believe that man doth not comprehend all the things which the Lord can comprehend." -Mosiah 4:9

trust in Him.
ask Him.
you will get answers. :)

love, laur

sorry i have to.

rapunzel: ...i was just...scared, but the thing is, i'm not scared anymore. you know what i mean?
flynn: i think i'm starting to.
and grab the hand.
and feel the butterflies.
ahh :)

i know everyone loves tangled.
but i think its safe to say that
very few
if any
could love it as much as i do.
my day is no longer complete without it.

my nightly routine?

1. shower.
2. scriptures.
3. homework.
4. tangled. (even if its only enough time for one scene!)
5. prayers.
6. sleep.

i know its sad.
but that movie gives me hope.
one day, i'll have a boy who takes me on a boat
to see something beautiful
but while we're there
all he really looks at is me.
and he looks at me how eugene
looks at rapunzel.
and it will be oh so genuine.
and i won't be scared of boys anymore
because i finally found one i could trust.

go watch it peeps. and think about your future boy :)

love, laura

ps. yes red. the pascal pic is for you. :)

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

who would've thought?

wonderful people come into your life.
ones that have scared you silly.
and you say "hello, i'm sorry, you used to be a freight in my life"
and they say "hey there, i'm sorry too"
and then guess what?
you are connected.
the stars line right up and say
"laura you lucky girl, this is a new friend"
i thank the heavens for her.

let us never underestimate the healing of
telling someone how you honestly feel.
every person has something beautiful to offer to you and your life.
isn't that amazing?

thank you honesty. it never does fail.

love, laura

Tuesday, May 17, 2011



i just feel quite empty.
emptiness is my least favorite kind of feeling.
its like missing your best friend
or getting soggy moccasins from the rain
when your hair looks stringy
and your make up is smeared.
oh an you forgot to wear mascara.
and a new zit on your chin.
its like a tight throat
that really just wants you to cry.

so you go to the temple.
and its clean and happy in there.
and the best part?
your throat can let you cry
because no one thinks you're dumb for crying.
and its a sanctuary.
in fact, its home.

what a blessing.
just go. you'll be glad you did. :)

love, laura

Saturday, May 14, 2011

oh also.

people are too nice. :)
i love them.

love, laur

get ready.


sometimes we're stuck in a rage of thought
over one thing
that we surely can't let go of.

one day you wake up.

you say "no more games"
and trust God that everything will turn out how it needs to.

and you let go.

and you are free.

a free little bird.
happy as can be.

get ready world
here she comes.

love, laura

Monday, May 9, 2011

weekends and winners.

on friday
yes friday
i went to the senior dinner dance.
and well,
it was perfect.
i had a great realization.
or two.
and also
mass sleepover at jessica's hut = win.

on saturday
i went on the swings.
remember how that is my favorite thing?
i made three little lovelies come with me.
a fourth and fifth lovely joined.
its funny how you can be so...scared of someone
and then realize that the two of you
could actually maybe be the best of friends.
fear is a dumb thing.
but i'm glad i was blessed with the chance to speak with this one.
she's great.

also the red head and i laid in a field.
and almost got kidnapped.
and then she slept at my house.

on sunday
my brother called me
yes the one in new york.
and he's coming home in a month :)
fetch yes.

i know what you're thinking
laura, when is this going to get sappy?

don't be scared.
don't be scared to talk to a new friend.
don't be scared of laying in a field at midnight.
don't be scared of awkward questions. sometimes boys are just weird.
don't be scared of yelling "NBD" when it really is a BD.
and most of all
don't be scared of letting go.

also. i love you mom.
you're the strongest person i've ever known.
i hope i'm just like you when i grow up.

love, laur

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

i believe.

for english the past few days i've had to go throughout my life
and write down all the things i believe in.
here it is.

i believe in travel.
seeing the world.
it changes you.

i believe in second chances.
but i don't always believe in third ones.

i believe in love, the kind that lasts forever.

i believe in trees, oxygen and protecting them.

i believe that everyone is beautiful.

i believe that pain heals you.

i believe that i don't know everything. or even close to everything.

i believe in shooting stars.

i believe in communication.

i believe in signs.

i believe there's good in everyone.

i believe in laughter.

i believe in peace.
peace for the world.
pieces of cake.
and peace in your heart.

i believe in warm showers and hopping in bed.

i believe in kisses
but only when you mean them.

i believe that a little prayer and a little faith can do anything.

i believe in my Heavenly Father and in Jesus Christ.

i believe in late night phone calls.

i believe that lack of sleep makes me cranky.

i believe that one day, i'll forget my bad days.

i believe in yoga, the cello, and trail mix.

i believe that when you marry someone,
you never betray them.

i believe that my future family will work.

i believe that love is security.

i believe that jealousy is my worst trait.

i believe that fears are meant to be overcome.

i believe in little girls with big dreams.

i believe in jane austen books and hot chocolate.

i believe in waving.

i believe in the book of mormon.

i believe in honesty, dignity and most of all, respect.

i believe in kindness. it can do anything.

i believe in me.

try doing this for a few days.

love, laur


i witnessed a death.
the sbo kind
mission accomplished. :)

love, laura