Thursday, May 19, 2011

sorry i have to.

rapunzel: ...i was just...scared, but the thing is, i'm not scared anymore. you know what i mean?
flynn: i think i'm starting to.
and grab the hand.
and feel the butterflies.
ahh :)

i know everyone loves tangled.
but i think its safe to say that
very few
if any
could love it as much as i do.
my day is no longer complete without it.

my nightly routine?

1. shower.
2. scriptures.
3. homework.
4. tangled. (even if its only enough time for one scene!)
5. prayers.
6. sleep.

i know its sad.
but that movie gives me hope.
one day, i'll have a boy who takes me on a boat
to see something beautiful
but while we're there
all he really looks at is me.
and he looks at me how eugene
looks at rapunzel.
and it will be oh so genuine.
and i won't be scared of boys anymore
because i finally found one i could trust.

go watch it peeps. and think about your future boy :)

love, laura

ps. yes red. the pascal pic is for you. :)

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