Saturday, May 28, 2011

i'm in joy.

you see,
i know these two adorable young ones.
and they have fallen for one another.
and also
my older sister has fallen in love
with a boy.
and i can feel the summertime in the air.
and you know?
i'm happy.
am i in a cute-lovey-"oh he might kiss me" stage of life?
oh no, farthest thing from it.
but i'm content tonight
(granted yesterday i wasn't and tomorrow i might
not be either)
i love love.
and i love people in love.
and one day i'd like to believe there'll be a boy who
loves me a whole lot.
and i'll say "hey.
i love you back"
and then i'll tell you all about it.
until then,

keep telling me your love stories.

and i'm sorry all i ever write about is love.

love, laura

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