Tuesday, May 3, 2011

i believe.

for english the past few days i've had to go throughout my life
and write down all the things i believe in.
here it is.

i believe in travel.
seeing the world.
it changes you.

i believe in second chances.
but i don't always believe in third ones.

i believe in love, the kind that lasts forever.

i believe in trees, oxygen and protecting them.

i believe that everyone is beautiful.

i believe that pain heals you.

i believe that i don't know everything. or even close to everything.

i believe in shooting stars.

i believe in communication.

i believe in signs.

i believe there's good in everyone.

i believe in laughter.

i believe in peace.
peace for the world.
pieces of cake.
and peace in your heart.

i believe in warm showers and hopping in bed.

i believe in kisses
but only when you mean them.

i believe that a little prayer and a little faith can do anything.

i believe in my Heavenly Father and in Jesus Christ.

i believe in late night phone calls.

i believe that lack of sleep makes me cranky.

i believe that one day, i'll forget my bad days.

i believe in yoga, the cello, and trail mix.

i believe that when you marry someone,
you never betray them.

i believe that my future family will work.

i believe that love is security.

i believe that jealousy is my worst trait.

i believe that fears are meant to be overcome.

i believe in little girls with big dreams.

i believe in jane austen books and hot chocolate.

i believe in waving.

i believe in the book of mormon.

i believe in honesty, dignity and most of all, respect.

i believe in kindness. it can do anything.

i believe in me.

try doing this for a few days.

love, laur


  1. Ah I needed this. Ritual next week please?

    Love you. Miss you.

  2. Dear Laura,
    sometimes I'm having a bad day
    and I read your blog and it's
    extactly what I needed to hear.
    the end.
    Love Polly