Monday, May 9, 2011

weekends and winners.

on friday
yes friday
i went to the senior dinner dance.
and well,
it was perfect.
i had a great realization.
or two.
and also
mass sleepover at jessica's hut = win.

on saturday
i went on the swings.
remember how that is my favorite thing?
i made three little lovelies come with me.
a fourth and fifth lovely joined.
its funny how you can be so...scared of someone
and then realize that the two of you
could actually maybe be the best of friends.
fear is a dumb thing.
but i'm glad i was blessed with the chance to speak with this one.
she's great.

also the red head and i laid in a field.
and almost got kidnapped.
and then she slept at my house.

on sunday
my brother called me
yes the one in new york.
and he's coming home in a month :)
fetch yes.

i know what you're thinking
laura, when is this going to get sappy?

don't be scared.
don't be scared to talk to a new friend.
don't be scared of laying in a field at midnight.
don't be scared of awkward questions. sometimes boys are just weird.
don't be scared of yelling "NBD" when it really is a BD.
and most of all
don't be scared of letting go.

also. i love you mom.
you're the strongest person i've ever known.
i hope i'm just like you when i grow up.

love, laur

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