Wednesday, July 13, 2011

the peephole to my week.

sometimes i get confused.

my eyes are even crossed when i say "confused" these days.
is that weird?

first off. if you see white flakes in my head,
i'm peeling.
not dandruff.
lets hope anyways.

second off. i am, quite literally, dying to see hp7p2. (i'm so proud you all know what that means)

third. sometimes i hate provo.

fourth. i'm dreading, DREADING august.

fifth. my little sister has cuter pants than me.

sixth. one big spoon on a tramp = warmth.
seventh. is it rude to call someone sassafras?

eighth. if someone calls me laura ingalls one more time.
or worse. lora ingalls.

ninth. tuesdays with morrie? mm. good stuff.

tenth. i still have the basketball book. don't plan on giving it back anytime soon.

is that stealing?

eleventh. i don't remember what it feels like to kiss someone.
and every time i hear that people have kissed
i'm in a stupor of thought for awhile
thinking how weird it is that people still do that.


love, laura.


  1. I miss you.

    I want your face soon.

    Let's play.

  2. This may or may not be one of my favorite posts.


    You're great.

  3. the basketball book. :)
    i hope that's the one that tor and i read with you.
    also i saw her yesterday and it made me miss us.
    lets play.