Wednesday, July 27, 2011

for no particular reason

i drew you a picture :)

today i'm running away
i've almost never been more excited for anything.
i don't know why,
i have nothing to run away from
but i can't wait.
there's something so interesting
about leaving your house and going somewhere new
or somewhere familiar
just somewhere else.
it makes you feel alive
and forgetful
of all the confusion you've been in.
new interests,
new favorite places to be,
more places you'd like to go one day with your significant other.
most of all it sets you free
free to live and forget everything else
free to enjoy your family,
because you may of may not blow them off way too much...
free to forget the cell phone.
and to just lay on a hammock and breathe.
and laugh of course
you always have to laugh.
it makes you realize who's most important
because those are the people
that you miss most.

"and it hurts to want everything and nothing
at the same time."
love, laura

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