Sunday, July 10, 2011


he's cute.
real cute.
and he's the one you'd like to run around with.
who you'd like to pick flowers with.
and catch some butterflies
maybe catch some in your stomachs too.
he's the one you can lay on the ground with
and talk about space
and about God
and about life.
he's the one who'll always be there
who knows that you can be dramatic
and emotional
and who loves you still.
he's the one who's sure of things
before he acts
or sure of how he feels
before he says anything.
who doesn't drag you around so he can have security.
he's the one who sets you free
who lets you be you and lets him be him.
the one who doesn't need to be alone with you
to show that he cares about you.
who brings out the sunshine that was already inside you.

love, laur


  1. laura, this is lovely and made me grin :)

  2. this. made me cry. happy tears. i love you laur