Tuesday, July 19, 2011

the in-between.

so here i am
no longer in high school
not yet in college
and having the best summer of my short little life.
i refer to this time as "the in-between"
i love it.
so much to look behind and smile about
so much to look forward to.

life is so good.
if he's holding you back,
let him go.
if your happy doing something
make more time for that thing.
read a book.
watch a cheesy chick flick.
get so low on gas that you have to fill up your car
with the lawnmower's fluids.
go on walks with your brother and your best friend.
and most of all
listen to all of your mother's loooong advice sessions.

one day you'll really need it.

go live your summer. before its all over :)

love, laur

1 comment:

  1. yes, i just saved the second paragraph of this post in a word document so that one day when i'm feeling extra down, even if i don't have an internet connection, i can go back and read that second paragraph and remember the important things in life. thank you, pretty girl. :)