Saturday, March 5, 2011


last night i went dancing.
yes, i did.
with a boy.
he is genuine, and wonderful, and actually quite charming.
we could maybe fall in love if my name wouldn't end up being laura larsen.
i don't think i could pull it off.
oh well.
we pulled some moves like that 2nd picture there.
no not really.
at one point we did discuss it,
but we decided he would break and i would be embarrassed. thanks.
it's simply lovely to meet young men like this one.
bright eyed and full of life,
they may have some funny dance moves, and get a titch nervous when you sing to them,
but it just adds to the greatness.
and innocence is a beautiful thing.
and so is the spirit shining out of their faces.
he's a winner girls,
and i have his home phone number if you ask nicely :)

tonight i was bothered.
about once a month i get very bothered about things i wouldn't normally be bothered about.
alright, that's not true, i probably would be bothered anyways.
but as i was wallowing in my botherment at work,
a delightful young man called me to go to a movie with he and another delightful young man.
how lucky does this girl get?
so i went.
and i talked with them after.
and talked to them about my botherment for quite some time.
it's nice when boys listen to you,
especially when you talk about their best friends.

call someone you don't normally call, and listen to their story.

love, laura

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