Thursday, March 24, 2011

it's ok.

i think its ok to..

laugh too much.
yes, you might snort
or forget to breathe.
don't worry about it.

talk to someone random even if they think you are weird.

run the minimum requirement of pacers in pe
...hey, it gives you room to improve?

try on your prom dress a million times.

tell someone you are proud of them.
even if you are little-er than them.

be excited.

bring a delicious apple to give to a friend.

draw pictures.

tell someone your beliefs
even if you might feel pushy.

go somewhere new.

be alone for a day or two.

listen to classical music and pretend that you are leading a symphony.

hang out with your mother.

look at pictures of all the places you want to go in your spare time.
(some of my favorites are shown above.)

read a book.

be at least 15 minutes late to...well, everything.
(this one maybe is not ok)

write a blog post when you should be doing math homework.

just do what makes you happy. K?

love, laura

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