Tuesday, March 15, 2011

be nice.

so today i'm taking a stand on the high school mentality.
my sweet friends,
i cannot tell you how many times this week i've heard...

"i know he likes her, but i can chase him, we're just in high school, right?"

"well no, i don't really like her, but we had a good time on that date, so i kissed her. i'm only <16,17,18>, shouldn't i be able to live it up now?"

"she's a beast!"

"who does she think she is?"

"ugh, i told him not to tell anyone"

can we please put a stop to it?

i've been reluctant to write this post
because i know that i have said nearly every one of these things more than once.
but i have wholeheartedly decided that it needs to come to an end.
for us all.

no, you can't chase some guy who is quite into another girl,
he's not yours.
and we are failing to see the boundaries here.

no young men,
you can't kiss a girl simply because you want to.
i'm sure i don't only speak for myself when i say that kissing is very special to a girl.
when i kiss someone it means something to me,
it would kill me to have a boy kiss me and then have no intention of doing anything else about it.
(i even feel this way about holding hands for goodness sake!)

stop! stop saying hurtful things about each other!
we are all sad when people say hurtful things about us,
especially when they aren't true.

stop telling secrets!
and while your at it why don't you keep your promises?
maintain your integrity,
maintain your trust.

yes, we are indeed young.
but that doesn't mean that we have to be stupid.
now is the time to become the people we are going to be the rest of our lives,
now is the time to learn to communicate effectively,
to learn how to love people and learn from them.
it's not the time to get whatever you want regardless of how others feel.

thank you for listening to my venting.

lets put other people's feelings in front of our own gratification shall we?
it'll make the world a better place.

love, laura


  1. I just want you to know that I truly appreciate this post. I feel that a lot in life, we have such a limited view of what life is really like and we underestimate basic kindness.

    Thank you for being a positive influence and calling out the people that are taking away from the good in the world.

    I hope everyone takes your advice :)

  2. Laura.
    I respect you so so so so so much. I know I for one need to take advice from your blog.
    You are wonderful. Truly.
    Come home from New York safe! :)