Tuesday, March 8, 2011

i'm only good at being young.

well yesterday i cleaned my room.
it was quite the experience.
i found plenty of old wonders :)
i even came across these babies.
yes, these are my first pair of heels..
you remember this day,
when your mom said "ok, i guess you're old enough"
and your dad said "heels? next thing we know she's gonna be wearing make up!"
(nope, i didn't start wearing make up till i was a sophomore haha)
and you feel so happy.
you feel so old,
so classy,
sophisticated, you name it.
and you strut down the halls of your church and imagine that everyone is talking about how fabulous you look.
they aren't.
but it's a fun day nonetheless.
church is over,
you crawl inside because your feet hurt,
and if your name is laura,
you aren't really a fan of heels anymore.
and it wasn't worth a second go.
luckily you have a little sister who plays dress-ups,
and those shoes got their use.
and guess what?
they still fit,
one of the pluses of feet that don't grow...

it's weird.
in a few months i'll be taking pictures of my first apartment.
and pictures of new friends,
new school,
new seasons,
VISITING home (weird),
new life.

it's going too fast.

i'm so scared of getting older, i'm only good at being young.

love, laura

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