Thursday, March 3, 2011

i can dream.

it'll happen,
in 5 years time...:)

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and it'll be love love love throughout our bodies,
and it'll be love love love through our minds,
and it'll be love love love all over [his] face,
and it'll be love love love all over mine.

and though really all these moments are just in my head,
i'll be thinking about them as i'm lying in bed,
and i know that really it might not even come true,
but in my mind i'm having a pretty good time with you.

oh in 5 years time i might not know you,
in 5 years time we might not speak,
in 5 years time we might not get along,
in 5 years time, you might just prove me wrong.

oh there will be love love love wherever you go.

-noah and the whale.

lately i do too much thinking,
what else is new?
but i get so stressed about my future.
i'm at a weird place,
the end and the beginning,
at the same time.
i don't really like it too much to be honest.
and you think about the future,
about where you'll be in just 5 short years.
will he be the one?
will you even get along in 5 years?
will you even see him after this one?
but whats wrong with thinking you will?
whats wrong with thinking of things that make you happy?
that's right,
i don't think anything is wrong with it.
so i'll continue. thank you very much.

send your best friend a happy song,
it will make their day :)
thanks han.

love, laura

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