Thursday, March 31, 2011

it's lovely.

today i feel so happy.
really, my life has been so happy for the past week.
it's been an absolute blessing.
a magical weekend led to a fantastic week.
i just want to say that lauren jones is amazing.
and that i feel like i found a missing friend. and that's true.
i also want to say that hannah and i had a picnic in the beautiful weather today.
and we talked about the beginning of our lives,
and about france, and new york, and disneyland.
and love.
we always talk about love.

and about how my life is like a movie.
it really is.
and i need to be the main character
not the pathetic best friend.

be the main character in your own life.
take action.
and don't let beautiful opportunities pass you by.
travel even though its expensive.
hold his hand when you want.
smile at your memories.
lay in the sunshine.
learn about art. or something else that you would like to fancy.
believe that everything happens for a reason
and that it will all end up beautifully. just how its supposed to.
get real peeps. isn't life wonderful?
i love you all.

love, laura