Thursday, December 23, 2010

my thoughts tonight,

today i began moving into my new home.
which i love.
with all of my heart,
and my soul too.
i've never been more impressed with people.
people are good.
like people are amazing.
they came from all over just to help us move.
it was so nice to feel their love and also the love of the Savior through their service.
"inasmuch as ye have done it unto the least of these my brethren,
ye have done it unto me."
good work boys.
good work girls.
and thank you from the bottom of my heart.

here's a little snippet of my thoughts tonight.
well, it's 1 in the morning right now.
and in case you're wondering why i'm up so late,
it's because i think too much to sleep sometimes.
correction: pretty much all the time.
and then don't worry,
i have dreams the whole night,
about what i've been thinking about.
and so,
i'm beginning to think my brain never sleeps.
poor thing.
tonight, i went and watched a movie at brother Casper's (i guess bishop now. :D)
some of the young men in my new ward were over there and asked me to come over,
so i did.
but it was the movie inception.
((i loved it))
the greatest part about it though was brother casper pulling the gospel into it constantly,
i felt the spirit!
in a movie.
does it get any better?
and it helped me to get things into an eternal perspective.
and it made me want to be better,
and it gave me hope that i can be better :)
ahhh. inspiring :)
afterwards, i had to take the long way home.
that happens when i need to think,
and that movie makes you need to think.
and long drives allow you to space and freedom to think your thoughts.
i began my drive thinking about that movie,
and thinking about existence,
and listening to no music at all.
then i turned on a new cd my dear cousin, emily, made for me.
i listened to this beautiful, happy little song.
i wanted to cry,
it made me think about getting older,
and getting married,
and dancing,
and how wonderful the days ahead are going to be.
then came the spiritual part of the night.
i turned on the christmas tunes.
because soon they'll be over.
and that makes me feel sad.
i heard "Oh Holy Jesus" playing...on the radio.
on the radio?
i LOVE this song.
at first i was confused.
because i've only heard it on our motab cd.
and it's not a christmas cd.
it's just a church cd.
but as i thought of it more,
it couldn't be more appropriate.
that song is just a testimony of the Savior and of all the amazing things he has done,
and of the gratitude we should have for Him year round.
especially this season.

and so,
i don't want to be in anyones face,
but i just can't help telling you what i feel.
and it's my blog,
so i'll tell you what i want. :)

Christ did everything for me,
and every day He does more for me.

and i just need everyone who reads this to know,
that i love my Savior.
and that i know He loves me too.

and that's all you really need to know about me.

love, laura


  1. laura.
    i love you.
    hm. we live really close now. like three minutes i think.
    let's hang out?? :)

  2. so darn inspiring, :) so glad you're in my ward! I have looked up to your sweet personality from the moment I met you in class. You're so great! I really hope you know that! :) Thank you for being such a huge example in life, though we haven't known eachother for long you have been an example and inspiration in my life, thank you, I will miss you when 2nd term ends. :)

    Love, Morgan

    the one from your child development class ;) incase you forgot me. :)