Sunday, December 12, 2010

no longer homeless!

this week i got a surprise!
a big surprise :)
we got a house!!!!
and if you didn't know,
for a little while now,
we've been living with my grandparents.
it's been very nice of them,
i've been grateful for the experience.
but not having our own place has made me really grateful.
things that i used to take for granted,
i'm gonna be so happy to have again.
my own bed,
not living out of boxes,
like being able to be as loud as we want,
and not having to worry about everything being so clean all the time.
and putting up what decorations we want,
and painting the walls whatever color we want.
and like having my own room,
(which by the way has bead board on the walls :))
i'm just so excited!
so excited.
we are so lucky to have gotten this blessing.
it's going to be wonderful!
and it as wood floors!
which i love!
and it's so bright!
which i love.
i took jamie and tori through it last week,
they were so nice,
they told me they had chills.
and i did too.
i love it.
and i love all of you,
and i'm grateful for everything!
ahhh :)

love, laura

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