Wednesday, December 15, 2010

thank you j.

on monday night,
i talked to jamie for hours in her car.
we talked about the future,
and young men who seem to occupy our lives,
(pathetic. :))
but she's amazing.
and she gave me some tips that i needed to make it through this week. here's the top three.
no matter what, if you put Christ first, you'll be ok.
be grateful for all the little things going right in your life. sometimes the big things are a little off, but just focus on the things that are making you happy.
write letters. even if you never send them, just write it. get it out of your system.

this last one is incredible.
i tried it today in fact.
i have a journal/notebook thing that ari got for me when she went to new york earlier this year.
i keep it in my backpack and whenever i have time during classes i write down my thoughts and draw pictures.
it has saved my life many times,
i recommend getting one if you don't have one.
today, i wrote a letter,
it wasn't long,
it wasn't fancy,
i just let out the things that i never could let out to anyone,
because no one is going to see it,
it's just me and the journal.
i wrote things that i wish i could say,
i wrote things that i would never say,
i wrote the most honest letter of my life.
and it was a moment to just be honest with myself,
and honest with the person i was writing it to,
even though he wasn't even there.
and i love honest moments :)
try it people.
it works!
try talking to jamie,
she's amazing.
that's all.

love, laura

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