Saturday, December 11, 2010

dancing, and other amazings.

last night was a basketball game,
and after that there was a dance,
i like both,
a lot a lot :)
i forget how fun basketball games are.
i think it's the funnest sport to watch.
p.s. i'm now a member of the A team :)
dances could be one of my favorite things,
i love dancing.
i'm awful,
but i think i was probably a dancer in another life,
and that's good enough for me :)
but, i am awful,
but, i do still have some killer moves,
i'm sore today from it.
how embarrassing.
on a more thoughtful note,
the dance made me really think about something,
have you noticed how much thoughts go through your head all the time?
like who you should dance with?
or who you should dance around?
or what you think about this song?
or who you were with when you hear it.
or how his sweater is cute,
and how your so sweaty and you hope you aren't whatever stinks so bad,
or is he looking at me?
sometimes, it makes my head hurt a little bit.

and here is another amazing individual.'
michelle perry,
she is fantastic.
she has red hair, which i'm rather fond of.
probably one of the prettiest girls i've ever seen.
she's honest about herself,
and i find that refreshing.
she's not trying to be anyone else,
she's just michelle,
and she's more than happy about that :)
one day i told her about my family,
and she pulled me into the library and let me cry,
and guess what?
she cried with me.
i'm so grateful for her in my life :)
just another blessing!

love, laura

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