Tuesday, December 14, 2010

dear you...

dear you,
hello there,
today i came home,
and i wished to see your car there.
don't ask me why.
i don't know.
that never happens.
it's just one of those things that i wished for today.
love, laura

dear santa,
i want a lot of money,
not for myself,
but for my mama.
i want her to stop working so hard,
and i want her to be happy.
maybe you can find a man for her too.
love, laura

dear earth,
i love you dearly,
and i normally don't like the snow,
but come on now,
it's december.
and i'm ready for a little bit.
and then you can take a break for the rest of the year,
i'm just dreaming of a white christmas.
that's all.
love, laura

dear school,
thanks for getting interesting these days,
it's helping me a lot,
keep it up.
love, laura

dear friends,
you're the greatest.
and i don't tell you enough,
but i couldn't do it without you.
i'm so blessed to know so many great people.
love, laura


  1. Dearest Laura.
    Don't ask me why, but reading your blog today made me cry. It's fine. For some reason, your words were exactly what I needed to hear. It never ceases to amaze me how incredible you are. You are so strong and I really appreciate your example.
    Lauren Jones

  2. lauren jones.
    i worship you.
    but you see, there is a problem,
    i'm new to the blogging world and so i can't find your blog.
    and i want to read it :)
    maybe you could give me the address?
    thank you so much! it means so much coming from you. truly.
    you're the senior i want to be.
    love, laura

  3. Ah you're a gem. Absolutely fantastic.
    My blog is freckle-faced-girl
    I hope you like it :)

  4. laura, youre great, made me cry, thank you. ;)