Wednesday, December 1, 2010

i'll be home for christmas.

as you can tell from earlier entries,
Chirstmas music is my absolute favorite kind of music :)
but currently,
country music is my second favorite kind of music.
rascal flats has this AMAZING version of "i'll be home for christmas"
go to youtube right now and look it up.
i'll be home for Christmas happens to be my favorite christmas song :)
do you want to know why?
ok i'll tell you.
when i was little, i was 100% posititve that i was going to be a movie star one day.
not just a movie star,
i was gonna be a big deal!
living in New York and paparazi all over and everything!
i wanted it all.
i used to tell my mom about it.
being the amazing mom that she is, she'd just smile and say,
"yeah i know laur" and i really thought she believed in me :)
she's awesome.
i used to tell her that one day when i grew up and was famous, i wouldn't live with her anymore.
but i promised her that every year i would send her a Christmas card with this song playing in it.
then she could be sure that i'd be home to spend Christmas with her.
it's a funny little story.
but i think of it every time i hear this song,
and how much i love my mom,
and about dreams,
and about my future family,
and about snow,
and presents under the tree,
and about how Christmas is the only day of the whole year where you can just be home with your family, and not want anything more.
and isn't that what its all about?
it's funny as you get older how holidays mean different things to you than they did before.
this year is my last one at home. and i'm grateful for the season.
not because of all the hustle and bustle and shopping (although i love all that a lot),
but because i have a family who loves me.
because i have friends who care.
and most importantly because i have a Savior who understands.
i love this season!

love, laura

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