Monday, November 29, 2010

seeing old friends & making new ones.

this past week was Thanksgiving break :)
it was fantastic!
probably one of the best breaks i've had yet.
one of the best things about breaks is that people come home from college!
i got to hang out with a few of my very good friends from last year.
robby lee, brian vawdry, jeff nelson, and richard flores :)
it was great to see what they are doing and how they have changed.
also to see how they are the same.
people are great :)
really great.

i also have been making new friends this past little while.
isn't it weird, that you can see someone in the hall everyday for years,
and never even think anything of it,
and then they can turn out to be one of your greatest friends?
there's so many wonderful people around us!
just as Sister Dalton says,
"every person you meet can enrich your life"
all we have to do is open up our mouths and say "hello" :)

I've been having a bit of a rough go these past few weeks or so,
and all i can say is i'm grateful for missionaries!
i emailed my brother last night (today is his p-day)
and he wrote me back today the most amazing letter!
just what i needed.
that seems to happen to me a lot. :)

my name is laura, and i am so blessed. :)

love, laura

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