Wednesday, November 17, 2010


i've been having one of those days,
when you wake up and you feel kind of only 1/3 of the way full,
which isn't right.
have you ever thought something was so real and so right,
(and maybe you still think it is)
and then you realize that someone thinks it was all just a mistake.
it kinda makes you feel empty,
a lot.
i don't know what else to say about that,
and it probably doesn't make sense,
but i had to let that out.
so thanks :)
but that's the amazing thing about time.
time and a little faith can fix anything.
that's not true, it takes A LOT of faith.
but it does work :)

yesterday afternoon i was so lucky to go to the Harry Potter movie.
it really moved me!
i can't really say why, but movies really affect me.
a lot.
and as you all know, it was only part 1 of the last book,
another thing you should know about me?

i almost never read the book if i know a movie is coming out,
no, it's not that i don't like to read
i do. i really do.
but when i read? i have to put my whole heart in it! like i need to be stuck in my room with nothing to do but read the book till its done.
i dream about them and everything.
and breathe them too.
that's why the twilight series consumed my summer last summer.


i've been dying. because
i have not read ANY of the Harry Potter books.
i know! awful right?
it's always been part of my plans? someday when i get time to put my heart and soul and dreams into it.
and i still plan on it! someday.
but now someday is going to have to be tomorrow.
because i am absolutely dying because i have no idea what happens to everyone.
and now i'm dreaming and breathing the movie.
and that's not right.
i have other things to think about!

so. if anyone has the 7th book. PLEASE LET ME KNOW!!


love, laura

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