Tuesday, November 16, 2010

just thoughts.

a few thoughts on my head.

1) thank you everyone for supporting me in my blogging journey. it's been a rough go so far, as far as making it what i want it to be..but? i'm getting there. It's a journey. I have a lot of people encouraging me (whitney, hannah, ari..to name a few. Also, my jamie. she is going through the blogging journey as well). thanks girls.

2) dear laura,
i'm senioritis.
and i came to eat you.

3) Christmas is coming! and i know you might hate me...but christmas music has indeed taken over my main flow of music these days.
come on people, the season is too short to save it till after thanksgiving. right? :)
tori mason may have made me fall in love with snow.

4) my brother comes home from his mission in june.
i can't wait.
really i can't.

5) temple day is today! once a week me and jamie go to the temple and it is always the best day of the week :)
lately, Mt. Timp has been closed. :( but we've been broadening our horizons and trying other ones out. it's quite the adventure so far.
you should come with us sometime :)
but..we listen to taylor swift the whole time.
both ways.
so.. i hope that's ok with you.

6) finally found my passion for the jazz last night.
it was a weird experience.
almost spiritual. ;)
My dearest friend steven clarke is the number one fan.
so? i took him to a game for his birthday.
and, it changed my life.
we had a good time, even though they lost.
he's a cool guy, steven clarke. and also jamie and michael and justin and angela. who accompanied us.

love, laur

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  1. Laura! I love you. You're blog is BEAUTIFUL. Loving the background. Thoroughly enjoying the posts. You're adorable. :)
    Also, I'm glad you feel the same about Christmas music! 100.3. Yes, it's been my station for the past week. :)