Monday, November 15, 2010

preference. with parker farnsworth.

saturday night was preference.
it was magical :)
if you don't know parker farnsworth? you should.
he's fantastic.
a few years ago i was going through the hardest time,
parker farnsworth saved my life.
a few weeks ago i got some poop stuff on my hands from the grodey benches in the lunchroom,
parker farnsworth got me some paper towels and stood by me while i tried to wash it off in the drinking fountain.
i didn't feel like opening the door for myself on saturday,
parker farnsworth took care of it :)
one day i wanted to learn how to drive stick shift,
parker farnsworth took me to the cemetery to learn.
parker farnsworth likes basketball.
parker farnsworth has a laugh that makes his eyes squint and his shoulders shake.
parker farnsworth is good at driving four wheelers.
parker farnsworth makes you happy when you are sad. or when you're already happy.
last but not least?
parker farnsworth is an animal.

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