Friday, November 19, 2010

for hannah kroes.

yesterday hannah and i went for a drive.
i love people like hannah.
i was feeling sad and i texted her and said "hannah, you inspire me. let's talk on thursday"
she said
"ok perfect :)"
and it changed my life.
we're now a team.
so i feel kind of like we can change the world.

Lately i am so amazed by how many amazing people i know.
i am so blessed.

here's a few of my greatest blessings..

I'm so grateful for Hannah and her strength. She makes me happy :) what a blessing she is.

i'm so grateful for Jamie Szabo. she makes me laugh. really laugh. and she's my best friend. she makes me want to be better. and she gives me hope that one day i'll find a husband hahaha love you J :)

i'm so grateful for hannah denney. what an amazing girl. with hannah i can dance ;) and she may know more about me than nearly anyone. that's a very good possibility actually. and i know i can tell her anything.

i'm so grateful for ari kokol. really i don't know where i'd be without her. at least once a week i show up at her house uninvited and stay till the wee hours of the morning complaining about my pathetic teenage life. and she stays with me. she even pulls over when i need to barf on the side of the road after my heart is broken. i do that sometimes...thanks r :)

i'm so grateful for mikelle pyne. we'll live by each other someday. and we'll have children who will be friends. and we'll still save each other every day. won't that be nice? yes. she also gives me rides home from school. and lets me use her phone number to vent to all the time. i love mikelle.

i'm so grateful for shelbie shill. she played me the piano and sang to me on a very sad day. she also let me try and beat her gameboy color. i didn't succeed. but it was very nice of her.

i'm so grateful for natalie cameron. she's my kindred spirit. and she does the nicest things for everyone.

i'm grateful for tori mason. she's a new friend. but i feel like we've been friends forever :) she lets me sit next to her on the bench seat in her car. :D

i'm grateful for janene paulsen. she went with me to the movie :) our brothers are mission companions. and we'll probably be sisters through marriage someday? yeah.

i'm so grateful for whitney mcclleland (sorry not sure how to spell it). she is fantastic. and a hoot :) and sometimes i think we're a lot alike :)

i'm so grateful for bre brunt. what an amazing human. in every way :) one day she'll be my nurse and deliver my children...awkward. but true.

i'm grateful for tiffany palmer. she's wonderful. and i wish her every happiness. :) she makes me laugh so hard.

i'm grateful for my mama. she's amazing. in every way. for real.

i'm grateful for all my family, and for anyone else i missed :) i'll put you in later. i just don't want this post to be too long.
and it already is.

so i guess i'll leave it there.
love, laura


  1. laura :)
    we are a team.
    we already did change the world! for us at least, right?
    you are amazing. that talk of ours was so liberating.
    it definitely has to happen more often.
    love you!