Thursday, December 16, 2010

to be honest.

i gotta let it fly.
to be honest,
tomorrow is a day i have not been looking forward to.
in the morning i have a monster anatomy test.
i was just at tori's for forever trying to study,
but i'm still scared i won't pass.
also, it's the last day before break.
do you know what that means?
it means it's the longest day of the year.
that assembly,
that's all i have to say about that.
i have work.
but as i've been thinking of this,
i realized that i have so much to look forward to tomorrow.
PASSING my anatomy test (i can hope right? :))
finishing school for TWO WEEKS!
going to an assembly that raises money for families in need.
i just needed to change my focus today.
and we'll see how it flies tomorrow.

today i met tori mason's family,
and to be honest,
they are the greatest people.
i am already in love with them and i barely even know them!
you can see where she gets all of her amazing-ness.
she's another one you should get to know.
you'll love her.

today we had a seminary assembly.
i was touched by every message.
i love the Savior.
and i love being able to know that He loves me enough to inspire someone to share something with me in seminary.
it's amazing that He can know me personally.
and to be honest i don't know how it happens.
but to be completely honest,
i just KNOW that He does.

and tonight i went to a play with mikelle.
it was awesome.
it was so inspiring to do something different.
and to be honest, mikelle is also inspiring.
i'm so blessed to know these people.

and to be honest,
today i want to grow up.
and today i want to remain a child.
and today i want to run away.
and today i want to stay where i am.
and today i want tomorrow to be over.
and when it's over,
let's celebrate.

love, laura

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  1. Dear Laura,
    I feel like I'm annoying cuz I comment on everything...but I still like you and your blog. Just sayin...
    P.S. I like that you read my blog. part of me feels like I should blog more just because you say you read it. That's all.