Monday, December 6, 2010


some confessions from the heart,

i like calling people by their full names "jacob, steven, matthew etc."
because i think it makes what i'm saying to them more personal for some reason.

i dislike how facebook changes my :) into a big obnoxious yellow smiley.
it bothers me.
i like them small and flipped on their side.

i like families.
and i really like people talking about their families.
because it says a lot about a person,
i think.

i like feeling like i'm going to cry.
i used to hate it,
but now i like how it gets things out of you.

if i like a song,
i will repeat it at least 20 times.
and if you think i'm exaggerating,
ok. 19 times.

every day when i drive home from work,
i go the longest way possible.
all by myself,
and sometimes i turn the radio off,
and pray out loud.
i wear blue eyeliner under my eyes most the time.
i do this because i think it makes them look blue,
but i don't have blue eyes.
in fact i'm not sure what color my eyes are.
but on my drivers license it says they are hazel,
but they are blue and green..ish.
is that hazel?
in case you were wondering,
brown eyes are my favorite.
the dark-almost-black-brown.
i like to feel my heart beat,
except for when i slam my fingers and i can feel it in them.
that's not fun.

love, laura


  1. laura. everything about this post is how i feel. the repeated songs, the dark brown eyes, everything. lately though especially the crying. i used to hate it as well and lately i've found that it's a blessing in my life. it helps me calm down and think. it's awful but perfect at the same time.
    i love you laur.

  2. yes, i'm reading through your entire blog right now,
    yes, it's 11:34, i'm sick and should be in bed,
    no, i have no idea if you'll ever see this comment...

    but i don't know what color my eyes are either.
    they're a bluish greenish mix.

    and my favorite are brown eyes.

    it's amazing how alike we are.

    i love you Laur. :)