Wednesday, January 5, 2011

sorry bloggers.

due to moving into a new home,
my internet was not with us.
but not really,
because now it is no longer resting.
so i can blog.
ohh how i missed this :)
break. was. good.
but not long enough,
never is.
but i did go on a woman date with hannah,
and i did figure some things out with my best friend :)
and i did get a new house,
and i did have a few sleepovers with jamie and tor tor,
and life is wonderful.
and the other day (as in monday)
i listened to some talk,
i don't remember what it was all about exactly,
but it talked a little about how we hurt those we love the most.
i know we've all heard that about a trillion times,
it really hit me this time.
i do this all the time.
especially to this one person in particular.
and that's just not right.
just not right.
and so,
it's a new year,
and i'm gonna be better.
because i need these people around that i'm rude too.
especially this one.
yeah. :)

and today,
i'm needing to thank some people.

thank you steven,
for listening to me talk about dumb things,
all the time. :)
and for being my best friend. :)

thank you hannah,
for being cute.

thanks cade,
for helping me with my homework!

thanks jake meyer,
i'm glad we're neighbors.

thanks whitney,
you make me laugh.

thanks ari,
i needed the hug today.

thanks michelle,
for showing me that entry,
and always having my best interest in mind.
you're awesome.

thanks j.
i was in fact very excited to see you at lunch.
very excited :)

and thanks matt maddix,
for telling me what i need to hear when i need to hear it,
and making me feel loved and not psycho,
you're good at doing that :)

thanks everyone.
and be happy :)
and tell me if you ever need anything.

the church is true!

love, laura

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