Saturday, January 15, 2011

a trip down memory lane.

so the other day,
i was driving some boys home from school,
and my car died in the middle of the road. (RIP celebrity)
it was quite awful.
but luckily, these strapping young men could push it off to the side for me.
spencer vernon stopped and by and picked up ryan and issac,
and me and steve decided to walk home.
well, as we were walking we walked by the good ol' junior high and decided to take a look around.
we saw our old classrooms and lockers and teachers and everything.
it was fun.
and it was funny.
and i never want to go back to junior high. ;)
but we walked by our old science class,
which is where we met,
and it was so weird for me.

it's weird that i met him.
just like it's weird that i met jamie,
or weird that i ever had to meet ari,
or weird that i had to meet mikelle, or ari, or tori, or hannah.
there was a time in my life when i didn't know any of these people.
and now they are my best friends.
life is amazing that way.
and i like to think that the day that i met steve in 8th grade science
or jamie at cheer try-outs in 5th grade.
or whotever,
that God smiled,
and knew that they were going to help me so much in the days ahead,
and i'm grateful that that happens,
and that i met them all when i needed to.
and that i'll meet other people when i need to.
it's wonderful.
i love seeing God's hand in my life.

love, laura

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