Wednesday, January 26, 2011

being me.

i'm laura,
i'm 18 years young.
i love people.
i hate being mad.
i love Jesus Christ.
i want to be a doctor.
i want to save the world.
i want to be a wife and mom someday.
i want to grow my own garden.
i want to live in a beach house, with lots of windows, and flowers, and art.
i want to go to bora bora with the love of my life.
i want to run a marathon. not even fast. i just want to do it.
i want to go on a mission.
i want to make someone laugh every day.
i want to listen.
i want to learn.
i want to write songs. in fact, deep inside i want to be a starving musician for a few months.
i think life is beautiful.
i think it's ok to feel too deeply.
i think i do feel too deeply.
i think i am in love.
i listen to love songs when i go to sleep.
i think i was a dancer in another life. even though now, i can't do it whatsoever. it's in there.
i know the best people the world has to offer.
i love the earth, and i want to protect it.
i love the sunshine.
i have small feet and hands.
i want to lead a symphony.
i'm scared to grow up.
i'm scared to get married,
no, i'm scared of getting divorced.
i'm scared of losing him.
i miss my brother.
i miss swinging on swings.
i miss my dad.
i miss my old house.
i miss long drives and singing loud.
i want to go camping.
i love yoga. one day i want to be a yogi.
trail mix is my favorite food. but not the raisins.
i want to go anywhere and everywhere.
i want to show people how much they have done for me, and how grateful i am.
i want to live at the temple.
i want to dance in the middle of the street. with a boy singing to me.
i want to ride my bike. everywhere.
and mostly,
right now..
i just want to stop talking about myself.
thanks for reading :)

love, laura


  1. i'm whitney, and i adore you and your tiny hands and feet and your feelings that may seem over-the-top but are actually quite lovely and i think we need to have that chat that has yet to occur.
    and...i love you :)

  2. laura i love you.

    also, my mom went to bora bora once.

    i have wanted to go my whole life.

    this post is fantastic.