Wednesday, January 26, 2011

some girls to whom i owe my life this week.

sitting in a blue room,
with lights shining all around,
and violins playing the sounds of my soul.
sitting across from a beautiful girl with long brown hair.
we're sharing a mint brownie.
and looking at her furrowed brows of frustration and fear,
then looking into her eyes to see the light of God within her.
a true free spirit.
with nothing but good to give the world.

sitting in a car,
at a park.
crying and expressing my deepest fears.
feeling the weight of a broken heart being lifted for a few minutes.
listening to a dark haired girl with a dimple,
tell me it's all going to be ok,
and that one day i'll have my life back.
nothing but love inside her heart.
love that she is willing to give.

walking in the hall,
trying to focus on something worthwhile,
a girl with red hair comes and hugs me,
and reminds me that once a month us girls do tend to get emotional.
she's going to change the world.

driving alone and wondering what to do.
my phone buzzes.
her name pops up with a smiley face next to it.
and i smile.
she talks to me about work,
and how weird the people are there.
she asks me to go to red mango.
and we talk about a boy.
a boy that neither of us generally worry about.
and it makes things better.
one day she'll marry the perfect man.
and he will love her like she deserves.
and hopefully, they'll let me hang out with them.
cause i sure can't live without her.

i get dressed in the morning,
and i try to look cool.
i take extra time on putting it all together,
and i'm walking through the hall,
and she says "laura, you're the greatest thing, and you look great today"
with her fire-y red hair and beanie.
it truly meant the world to me.
one day, she'll play in a concert,
and her music will heal us all.
cause i believe music can do such a thing.
and i know she does too.

another red head,
saw me at my red mango date.
gave me hope.
and gave me a new friend.
we used to fear one another,
and now she helps me whenever i see her.
and she doesn't judge.
and she'll reach people in a way that no one else can.

i love these girls.
they know who they are.
and i love watching them all make the world a better place.

love, laura


  1. yes, you can hang out with me & hub :)

  2. just so you know, you make the world a better place too.
    the end.

  3. laura! i love you.
    you will be a part of my concert.