Thursday, January 6, 2011

people are neat.

a few weeks ago i went to temple square with jake meyer, hannah and cole.
you see some interesting things in salt lake city,
it's a lot of fun.
i don't quite remember what we saw,
but we were walking down the street and jake looked at me,
and he said, "people are neat!" haha :)
it made me happy.
because people are neat.
and i have a story to express how neat.

i was at work,
( i work at parkers drive in if you didn't know)
and a lady walked in and ordered food.
i looked at the ring on her finger and it was really pretty.
i said, "hey your ring is really pretty!"
she brightened right up and said, "it's gonna be 35 years this month!!!"
i laughed and said "that's a long time to be with someone! Congratulations."
she smiled and looked at her ring and said "it doesn't feel like it's been long at all."
that is love.
i almost cried.

love, laura

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  1. oh my gosh. i love this post. it almost made me start crying. i think that's why we're friends laur :)