Wednesday, April 27, 2011

top ten of my wednesday.

1. today i went to the park to do homework with tori. yes, outside. i love this sunshine business.

2. today i found my little sister out in our front yard reading Harry Potter.
i wish i was that cute.
and i wish we had grass haha.

3. i came to school today all prepared. yes kids, i did homework yesterday. and won my team 30 extra bonus points in class :) whoop!

4. i went to the temple.
ps. i saw jessica carlson there and her lovely new hair. i'm a big fan.

5. my mama came to watch me sing. :)

6. i watched the other choir sing, and a young man didn't have his bow tie on quite right. it warmed my heart.

7. i saw bre bre.

8. speaking with the seminary teachers and kelle pyne in the hallway. always a treasure :)

9. honey bee.

10. hula.

11. (oops, had to have an 11th) talking to some new friends in first period. about friendships and how they come about.
they are cute.

have a nice day peeps.
be you.
its the best thing to be.

love, laaaaaaaaaaura.

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