Saturday, April 9, 2011

those little town blues have melted away.

to be honest, i never thought that i would fall quite this mad for a city.
new york is just one beautiful mess.
every street i walk on has its own story to tell.
even the same street tells a different one each time i walk on it.
i look up at the sky and
see the tall buildings scraping it
i feel so little,
but i also believe i've never felt so important in my life.
because here you have to have a presence.
and if you don't
they don't care about you.
and its fun to give everyone a scare
and wave to a taxi driver,
and have him look at you so confused
and wave back.
or sing "how does she know?"
in central park.
people don't do that here.
you look at someone and smile
and they look more confused than anything else
as if to say
"do i know you or something?"
but it's fantastic.
i love that
i love feeling like i'm throwing some sunshine in new york city.
i'm probably not
but i like it nevertheless.
people yell
they honk
they walk right into you.
and it smells like smoke and peanuts and lots of people.
and i love it.
laura cottrell loves it.
who would've thought?
its 1 in the morning here and we just got back from looking at the skyline.
i'll never forget it.
i'll never forget how alive i feel here
and how nice it is to take a few days to forget.
and i think i'll leave my heart in new york city
it's happy here.
and i'm in love with it.

love, laura


  1. agh. laur. i miss you soooo much. i cried maybe.,..

  2. i'm glad you loove it!