Thursday, April 21, 2011

just admit it.

its weird to be a senior
and to look back at your past few years
to close one door
and be forced to open another.
as cliche as it all sounds
i've really learned a lot.
from the girl who was scared of caring about anything
to the girl who cried in an assembly
and doesn't regret it at all.
and its because i've decided to accept who i am
accept where i've been
accept where i'm going
and more importantly,
to accept how i feel about things.
you see, feelings are always ALWAYS valid.
well obviously our reactions to them are not always valid..or necessary.
but everything we feel, we feel for a reason.
and the best thing to do is admit to yourself that your feeling it
and let it run its course.
some feelings don't require action.
and to be honest
some of them shouldn't really be acted upon.
but i'm sick of the fighting it.
i feel so much better admitting to myself that i feel a certain way about someone
than sitting there and trying to talk myself into feeling nothing towards them.
i realize that this approach can mean a lot of days of pain in the future
but if its gonna hurt
(and its gonna hurt)
it might as well hurt with all my heart.
i don't think you'll ever regret loving something with all your heart.

tell me your thoughts.

love, laura


  1. I.Love.This. Feelings are my favorite! I say the exact same thing about them being valid. I am glad someone actually agrees with me!