Wednesday, April 20, 2011

i apologize.

i've just been out traveling the world.
and i loved california just as much as new york.
who would've thought?
i love the world peeps.
i love it all.
i look like a have leprosy due to my peeling..
but its kinda cool.

today i just want to tell you all that i know that my Heavenly Father is aware of me.
so many things have happened in the past few weeks
that have proven to me even more how aware He really is.
i feel so powerful.
i'm finally figuring me out.
and i'm realizing my own potential.

on the way home from tour i sat next to my best friend.
he said "laura, lets read our scriptures together"
i said "ok"
he said a prayer and we switched verses.
i can't even begin to tell you how great it was.
no, i didn't have a crying vision and miraculous experience,
but i felt of God's love for me
and i felt that things would always be ok between me and my friend,
and i needed it.

guys, the church is so true.
don't forget it.

so much love,

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