Friday, April 22, 2011

the house that built me.

tonight i went to my old house and sat in my driveway.
i miss that house.
not so much that house
but my life that was there.
i miss the way it smelled
and the way the seasons looked outside of its windows.
i miss the long road by it that me and j always promised to take pictures of.
i miss cartwheels down the hill.
i miss the big rock that i used to pretend was my horse.
i miss spying on my crazy neighbor across the street.
i broke my arm on those stairs
and then i slid down them in a sleeping bag.
i threw up on the floors there.
i sat on the counter while my mom made dinner.
i got doorbell ditched by my first crushes.
i read my first book there.
i got my first kiss in the front yard.
i did tricks down the slide with my siblings.
i slept on the tramp.
there was that time i did a front flip on my mom's bed and made a hole in the wall.
i painted my sister's room purple.
yes, i even took my first steps in that beautiful place.
i miss it.
in that house is where the foundations of laura were made.
i'll forever be grateful for it.

now i'm in a new place
i love it very much.
although my childhood was built somewhere else
i'm becoming something better while i'm here.

i think we take our homes for granted.
they are the place we can really run away.
they are the place that you are truly you.

look around your house today and smile.
maybe make a list of memories and shed a tear.

much love, laur

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