Sunday, April 24, 2011

solutions for the cold in feet.

if you didn't know
my little feeties have circulation promlems...
the doc says they are too small for proper blood flow
its kind of a problem.
especially at night time.
normally my remedy is to rub them on others' legs and steal the heat.
usually on those of my family
and more recently mikelle and shelbie (sorry guys)
but unfortunately i don't share rooms with them anymore
and i don't have a husband.
so, i came up with this lovely solution last night.
now my socks don't come off
and the pants make my ankles warm.
works like a charm.

love, laura


  1. I have small feet too.
    And I have circulation problems as well.
    Sometimes, my toes go totally white because the blood flow is horrid. I like the way you think. This could be a solution to all my problems!!

  2. oh laura, you make me laugh! very creative...

  3. Aw. How inventive.

    I like this blog.

    k bye.