Monday, August 1, 2011

the real deal.

my sister is engaged. to a wonderful
i've never seen her happier in my entire life.
its been hard for me.
harder than it is supposed to be.
i tell them all,
"its just hard to give up your sister
you know? things will
never be the same."
while thats all true,
there's this very large problem i have going on inside of my heart.
its a problem i often pretend is long gone from me.
this part of my heart is called,
"mostly, i just don't really
trust men."
i believe that she is honestly
in love with this guy.
i believe he is honestly in love with her.
but i just can't let it go
right now.

its hard to give your heart away
but its even harder to watch someone else
give their's away.

"he broke his own heart and i watched as he tried to reassemble
love, laura

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