Monday, August 22, 2011

lessons of a weekend.

on saturday
i four-wheeled through a mountain
(almost killed myself and the boy on back)
i repelled down a real life cliff.
i rode on a very big horse
and felt very tall
its name was quicksilver
and i nearly fell off of it a million times.
i made some new friends
i got a dirty face.
and i learned that sometimes you fall for someone
much further than you had ever anticipated.

on sunday
i went to church
i wore big feather earrings
i wore leopard print shoes
i felt pretty exotic.
i couldn't pay attention
i had a hole in my stomach and sore muscles.
i watched her drive away.
i learned that nothing makes your heart hurt more
than saying goodbye.

and that i sure do hate that bed being made.

i got my hair blonded
i cried
i worked and worked and worked.
i checked my phone a million times.
i got scared
i cried.
i learned that new adventures aren't always
so exciting.

i went for a bike ride.
i was alone
and the sky was beautiful
i came home and i got some hands placed on my head.
i was told i'm doing exactly what i need to.
it has never felt so good to hear words ever before in my entire life.
i learned that prayers never go unanswered.

i went and laid on a tramp and looked at space
i saw 3 shooting stars.
to you that might mean nothing

but today
i learned again
that God sure does love me.

because no one else know how much
a shooting star means to me.

"my loves too big for you,
my love."
love, laura