Wednesday, August 3, 2011

for the one everyone secretly wants to marry.

its been a long time since i first set eyes upon this cute boy.
it started a little something like this
"hello, my name is laura, i think you're friends with some boys i know"
"uh hey, i'm parker"
"lets be friends."

i went to a park with him
this past eve
and sat on a bench for a few hours.
we talked about everything and everyone
under the sun.
i looked at him and my heart just filled right up with complete joy
and a smile spread right across my face.
by the end of our talk my cheeks were sore.

and i said "thank heavens i know this boy."

for all those nights and days we look up to those heavens and wonder
why these boys just don't get it,
why they have to be little nasties sometimes.
why why why?

and then they get a mission call
and for some of them
it doesn't change a thing.

and for others
suddenly life becomes more important than
all the fuzz.
they want to be more
they want to treat you like you are more.
and you can see the sunshine coming right out of em.

here's to that special little orange haired boy.
here's to 4 years of being there for me.
here's to "honestly..."
and maybe a little bluntness.
here's to sharing birthday parties
and for being stuck in corners together.
here's to a little green truck parked in front of the house
that we're all gonna miss so much.
here's to laughing till your tummy hurts
and making everyone feel like they're his favorite person.
for being him
and no one else.

and here's to him being a missionary.

God speed, elder.
i'm sure gonna miss you a lot. :)

"i'm a hustler baby"
love, laura


  1. he's a good kid.
    and it is no secret i want to marry him.
    everyone does.

    he'll do great things.
    he already does.

  2. I miss him already.

    I also miss you.

  3. laura.
    i LOVE this.
    more than you know.
    it's perfect.
    i couldn't have wrote it better myself.
    (even though you and me both know i'm going to try because who can't not write about their day with parker.)
    lets play more.
    today was fun!

    love, j.