Friday, August 12, 2011

my dear sassafras,

i love you.
thanks for making me better
for learning with me
and growing with me
and sleeping in my room.
for sunsets
and nuggets
and "life is so pretty right now."
and "o."
and closet doors and lights out.

be safe,
be good,
be happy.
i miss you far too much.

"don't know how long its gonna
take to feel ok but
i know that i had the best day with you
love, laur


  1. This made me teary.

    I'm awful at good byes. Apparently even hearing/thinking about them too.

  2. aww who was this for? it's adorable :D

  3. it's fine that i'm crying right now. I love you, laura cottrell.

  4. I cried the second cole said that and walked away. So, it made me feel better that you cried when you read about it. I need to see you this week. I'll make it happen.