Tuesday, February 8, 2011

be you.

sometimes i feel weird in my own skin.
actually i just feel average.
so. painfully. average.
but what i don't realize is that the best thing i can possibly be is myself.
and that the people that are honest with themselves are the only people worth knowing.
no, i haven't lived out of state.
no, i don't wear clothing that is out of the ordinary.
no, i don't find cool music all on my own.
and no, i can't remember the last time i did something even near illegal.
but thats ok.
i am simple. and i am me.
and i believe that every single one of us has something beautiful to share with the world.
including me.
and you.
especially you.
you will change the world, you cute thing. :)
and i believe that Christ sees more in us than we see in ourselves.
and that i'll be whatever He wants me to be,
and what everyone else wants me to be just doesn't really matter.

thanks ari. :)

and thank you.

go make a list of ten great things about yourself.
and i'll make one for you too if you ask nicely.

and tell a friend ten of your favorite things about them.
or just one.
they'll appreciate it.

love, laura

1 comment:

  1. I started to write ten things that I like about you and then I realized that my list was wayyy longer than ten so I decided that I'll just tell you in person because I didn't think you wanted a novel comment (like this one is becoming)
    love you laur :)
    - J
    p.s. I like the font you use.